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What To Do With That Spare Room

An empty spare room can be a plague on a homeowner’s conscience. The more you fret over what to do with it, the longer it’s going to stand unused and unloved. But how do you decide when there’s so many fun and creative things you could use the space for? It’s all dependent on your personality, your family’s needs, and the kind of budget you’re working with. As such, here are four great ideas about what to do with a spare room.

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Make an Office

An office is one of the best things for converting a spare room into. A private home office is a very versatile space. Not only can you work from home in there, but you can host clients in meetings, or even use it as a therapy space if need be.

Plus, an office can be temporarily turned into a studio when it’s required; you just need to have some storage available for storing your art or music supplies. And that’s not hard when you’ve got filing cabinets and sideboards all over the place!

Build a Home Theater

A home theater is great for those who love going to the cinema, drive-ins, or simply love gathering the family around and putting something good on the TV. If you’ve got the space to hang a projector and its screen, get in touch with a company like to complete the scene with a proper stereo set. Then fit some comfy seating, make sure there’s at least a mini fridge somewhere in the room, and have drinks and snacks ready to go.

Design a Craft Room

A craft room is a great addition for anyone who loves making things. If you’ve got some pretty involved hobbies like knitting and crocheting, or needle felting, model making, or woodworking, this is definitely the idea for you. Having a dedicated space for the required equipment and materials can free up a lot of clutter elsewhere. You might just find you have ten times the wardrobe space when you’ve moved in a craft desk and a few organizers!

Max Out Your Wardrobe

Speaking of wardrobe space, how many clothes do you own? How many accessories, like bags and shoes? Because if you’re a fashion lover, this is what your spare room needs to be.

A walk-in wardrobe is a lovely renovation for any home, but it’s best used when you’ve got a spare room on the smaller side – say a typical box room. You can fit some bespoke wardrobe pieces along each wall, put a chair and a floor-length mirror in, and make sure you’ve got a super fluffy carpet to stand on as you get ready!

A spare room shouldn’t be taking up space. Use it wisely and effectively with tips and tricks like these. The more function you get out of your home, the happier it’s going to make you overall. So don’t wait! Use that spare room before it drives you crazy!

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