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Women History Month | Lauren Ashley Design

Women in My Life That Brought Me Where I am Today

This month is women’s history month. What a unique time to be celebrating the women in the past and present that represent the definition of a “strong female”. Now for me, a strong woman has many definitions. You can be strong in knowledge, in Christ, in self-confidence. All are important. I truly believe it’s important to find ourselves surrounded by women that we define as strong women to become strong women ourselves.

“Having strong female role models and a great work ethic helps with independence, resilience, and self-confidence. Even in intimidating situations, once you start to engage in the work and get talking, your confidence and knowledge become apparent, and you gain respect for your work. For me, this is female power.” – KELLY WEARSTLER

I learned this early on in life, as I was blessed to have eight grandmothers alive growing up, some are still alive today blessing me with their continued wisdom. Having all these incredible women surrounding me and pouring in this knowledge that they have learned from living life is something I hope I never take for granted. This blessing created a strong foundation for what I was to become as a young woman in business.

Throughout my life, I have had the nurture and support of my mother. She has always been a lifelong entrepreneur. That’s where I get my spirit from! Her fighting spirit and faith are what have always inspired me to chase my dreams.

My mother, 1995, right after my sister and I were born. I feel like this image is the picture of strength. Her grace and mercy in raising both of us as twins are something I truly admire.

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More recently, I have been blessed to have the support of some amazing women in the online space. These women have taken me under their wing, supporting me in my journey of growing my own business. I’m not going to mention any names for the sake that I might forget all the women that have impacted my life in the past year but you know who you are and for everything, I thank you!

Now it’s your turn!

Below I want you to do the following:

  1. Share a memory, a tribute, a description of a woman in your life (past or present) who has had a profound impact on you.

  2. Share one quality or trait you would like to be remembered for.

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